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Australian govt funds 141,000 laptops for schools

The Federal Government in Australia has allocated a second round funding of US$91 million to enable almost 1400 schools nationwide to purchase computers for students.


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Speaking from Caboolture State High School in Queensland, the Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, said the second round funding would put more than 141,000 computers into the hands of Year nine to 12 students.

Every secondary school in the country has had the ability to apply for assistance to bring them to a student to computer ratio of one-to-two for students,” said Gillard.

The government’s digital education revolution will take the ratio to one-to-one and we will achieve that in 2011.”

Gillard said that changes in round two funding included more than US$193,000 given to 26 schools to buy learning tools for students with disabilities. She added that the government had resolved the issue of laptop costs, including software licensing, maintenance and support staff training.

State Government estimates of these costs ranged from several hundred to thousands of dollars a computer.

It led to a determination by the Federal Government estimating the total cost per laptop to be up to US$1600 over four years, and a series of proposals to reduce upfront costs, including the use of open source USB sticks and cloud-based infrastructure.

We have resolved those issues through an agreement to make available US$512 million to support on-costs. That money will be available to schools and school systems by the end of June this year, said Gillard.

She said the timetable for rollout for the new computers “is a matter for individual schools and school systems”.

The government will invest about US$1.3 billion over six years as part of the programme.

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On 17 November 2009 ben ormsby wrote:

i recevied my laptop today and it is great but has THE WORST!! internet access even at home is absolute BULL! the government should totally rethink there startergies. the internet portals dont let u into absolutely anything which is already effecting my school work sites that shouldnt be blocked are blocked PLEASE HELP US ALL AND CHANGE IT!!

yours sincerly ben ormsby

On 9 December 2009 Tasman Mace wrote:

At our highschool the principle said that the year 9s are getting the laptops and from what iv'e heard ONLY year 9s are getting them, i am a senior student and wouldnt it make more sence giving them to the year 11-12s? but seriously, we need them alot more than the year 9s as we are constantly doing research for our HSC course. if you could please clarify this with the school, it would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely, Tasman Mace

On 24 January 2010 tania wrote:

i have a year nine student and we were informed that we would have to pay $1570.00 for her laptop next year that she was required to have. i thought that all high school kids were to get a free laptop. is this true or was it only a few schools that will get free laptops.

On 18 February 2010 Brent wrote:

Well the head of IT at our school told me today we are getting our own laptops. About time a Queensland school gets laptops

On 28 May 2010 sharon wrote:

the federal government has done the right thing in trying to get our kids into the future. the problem is with the schools & the principals. our school has the laptops ready to go but……. the cases that where ordered for this years laptops are to small and the principal has not bothered to do anything about it
i and another parent have been trying to come up with a hard case for our kids of ebay at our own cost.

On 1 July 2010 Roy wrote:

when i was year 11, we were told that students could get a rebate on their laptops, and i went and spent my school holidays saving on one, but then when tax time came my account said i couldnt claim for one, the next thing that was said, is that the govenment would supply the computers for free, but in year 12 the school received several hundred laptops, but made them permant fixtures and gave us accounts to use them, its a total load of BS this computer stuff is, i think the only way us students will get to use technology is if we spend the money and buy our own laptop and our own 3G connection

On 11 April 2011 Sam Leung wrote:

I just recieved my laptop and i was just wondering if any of the other schools have informed the students of the rules such as no youtube or liver messenger because this is a complete waste of money then. :(

On 24 July 2011 Ash Howe wrote: here in Western Australia and we havent recived our laptops yet, but we are surpose to be getting them in the coming sermester. I wanna know is it worth it getting the laptops or are they just as fustrating as the orignal way?

On 16 December 2011 lucy wrote:

when ever a techer gives you a link in class its blocked. mines even blocked google images!

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