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Asian schools automate attendance tracking

Gone are days when classes start with roll-calls. FutureGov reveals how schools in Hong Kong, Japan, India and Singapore have taken the load off teachers by deploying biometric or smart card technology to track students’ entering and leaving the campus.


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Serving Fung Kai Innovative School’s 700 students every morning are 20 kiosks. As students arrive, they stand in front of the camera to have their face scanned and key in their password. Based on facial recognition technology, the scanned image is matched to the schools’ database. At the beginning of the day, teachers can access a real-time attendance record either at a kiosk or via their lap top.

Implemented three years ago, the automated attendance kiosks save a good amount of time for teachers, Ma Siu Leung, Chief Executive Officer, Fung Kai Public School told FutureGov. “The students also enjoyed using the system because they find it fun.”

Approximately 20 schools in Singapore have installed fingerprint readers linked to an electronic attendance system. According to Principal Maureen Lee, automating attendance marking has saved as much as 90 per cent of the time taken at Kranji Secondary, which has 1500 pupils.

Moreover, systems can automatically alert parents via sms or email if their kids do not turn up at school or arrive late. “It is easier now, as we do not have to take the trouble of checking the telephone register to inform parents when students are late or absent. Previously, we had to call parents by the first period or before recess,” said Karen Wong, a teacher in Kranji Secondary.

Instead of biometrics, almost half of the urban schools in India are using smart card technology. “Pupils scan their student ID card against readers installed at school gates. The information is updated in real-time on to the intranet,” said Tripti Kharbanda, Business Development Manager, EduSwift, a provider of school management system headquartered in India. “Each parent is given an intranet user ID and password to access attendance records.”

While the costs of such electronic attendance systems have dropped, smaller schools still find it difficult to justify such an investment. Serving 50 students, the International Secondary School in Tokyo Japan uses an online system which teachers log on to update students’ attendance daily. The information is also accessible to parents in real-time.

“The current online system allows only one user to update the record. It would be better if it supports multiple users so that administrative staff can assist teachers to mark attendance,” Principal Royce Jacobs added. “Technology has successfully enhanced teaching and learning within our classrooms. But a biometric e-attendance solution would not make financial sense for our school at the moment.”

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On 7 February 2010 Alka Kumar wrote:

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On 7 February 2010 Swati Dewan wrote:

There are number of good schools in India who are using smart card technology based end-to end solutions for their schools, provided by MGRM - Multi Domain Global Relationship Management. The application is M-Star which is for Managing the institution by Scheduling, Tracking, Analysing and Reporting. N-Star School Expert System offers integrated IT Services to various constituents of the institution such as Management, Student , teachers, Parents and Alumni. The integrated systems are designed, to provide automation and value addition to the various procecces in the institution system, generation of MIS Reports in standard/customised formats for effective decision making, comprehensive analysis tools for students and teachers, new avenues for enhancing students, teachers and alumni careers. The technology is very user friendly and is integrated with OMV Card, which is On Line Multi domain Value card, which provides every user which includes students as well with extremely friendly interface and ensures that very little training is required to operate. Right from Admissions - attendance -fee- examination-library-appraisals-report card- administrative functiions , all functionalities are integrated through OMV Card.

On 7 February 2010 Prachi Dhiman wrote:

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES IN INDIA - Introducing E Governance system for their Institutes -

M-Star Education Expert System has been introduced in scores of schools/College / University in India.

M-Star has been developed by MGRM Net Ltd., after a deep study of educational systems. It is highly flexible and can be implemented in any educational system and customised to a very high degree to fit in with all the required parameters and diverse needs of an institution. It takes the life cycle approach and works all the way up the education chain - from Nursery right upto the university level for all kinds of structure. M-Star offers immense value to monitor academic performance of individual schools. The applilcation runs on proprietary OMV Card, which is ONLINE MULTIDOMAIN VALUE CARD, costing just a few hundred rupees.
M-Star is Managing the Institution by Scheduling, tracking, Analysing and reporting.

Mr R S Lugani the first principal of DPS RKP, who is now running his own school in NCR - says, : I am convinced that the M-Star application has assisted in setting the processes and making the school far more functional.”

Dr Kumud Khanna - Director Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University says” I, as Director of the Institute, am able to get all MIS Reports at the click of the mouse, which enables me to function effectively”

Prof. Afshar - Dean -IT - Jamia Hamdard feels that the deployment of M-Star University Expert System shall bring greater level of transparency and user participation in their e governance policies and prgrams.

On 12 June 2010 Carrie wrote:

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On 14 June 2010 Sandy Swiss wrote:

GHG Corporation has been providing excellent service for over 30 years. In addition to providing quality Engineering and IT support, GHG also delivers cost-effective human resource management software solutions, time and attendance management systems, including a web-based time-sheet management solution for an attendance system that has a proven record for cutting administrative and accounting costs. GHG Corporation is efficient and their results are rewarding. Check out their website at for more info.

On 16 July 2010 vision around wrote:

This is the good idea to maintain the attendance track of students.

On 18 October 2010 Jason wrote:

Or you could choose a tailored time and tracking software for education industry, like Pacific Timseheet at:

On 18 November 2011 Amit wrote:

Hi I would like to know more on MGRM, as it works on Online Multi-domain Value Card, so how exactly parents will get all the info? Is it a web based application? Can anyone help me on it..

On 6 May 2012 Kumar wrote:

Web Based Timesheet software makes the tracking, reporting, updating and approving process easier and faster. So, I believe many schools join hands in implementing timesheet software in their schools. <a href=””>Employee Time Clock</a>

On 20 June 2014 patrick wrote:

this is good. How can i get the system implemented in Nairobi Kenya?
How much is it to start with One school of 1000 students?

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