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UK launches open data consultation

How should Government become even more open? - A question left by Minister for Cabinet Office, Francis Maude as he recently launched a public consultation on open data.


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The initiative is for the Open Data Consultation Paper which sets out Government’s proposed approach for Transparency and Open Data Strategy, aimed at establishing a culture of openness and transparency in public services.

The UK Government is determined to have the most ambitious open data agenda of any government in the world. We demonstrated that ambition recently through the Prime Minister’s open letter. But we want to embed this approach throughout the public service and we want to hear from people about how they think we should do this,” Maude said in an official statement.

“It is an incredibly brave step for any government to become this open, but this is the approach we want to take in order to create public accountability and efficiency in our services and to drive economic and social growth.”

The online consultation launched asks the public, businesses and other interested parties for their views on: • how to enhance a ‘right to data’, establishing stronger rights for individuals, businesses and other actors to obtain data from public service providers • how to set transparency standards that enforce this right to data • how public service providers might be held to account for delivering open data • how to ensure collection and publication of the most useful data • how to make the internal workings of government and the public sector more open • how far there is a role for government to stimulate enterprise and market making in the use of open data.

The official Open Data Consultation website will accept comments until October 27, 2011.

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