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Singapore consolidates govt bills online

Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) is planning to launch a secure e-mail system allowing citizens to receive correspondences from various government agencies online.


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The secure digital mailbox dubbed OneInbox aims to make tracking of bills and statement from different government agencies–from tax statements to TV license renewals and service and conservancy bills—convenient for the citizens.

“OneInbox is part of the news approach to facilitate the paying of bills and provide citizens with a digital ‘safe deposit box for their important documents and statement,” James Kang, Government’s Chief Information Officer said in a statement last year.

OneInbox will also offer potential cost savings to agencies by reducing the need for hardcopy correspondences.

Individuals will be able to access OneInbox through the eCitizen portal ( using their SingPass.

The proposed features for OneInbox includes SMS alerts to notify the arrival of correspondences in OneInbox; forwarding to preferred email account(s); save a local copy or print friendly version of correspondences and online archival or retention of correspondences.

Users can also click on the embedded links to other webpages to make payments. However, users cannot reply to messages receive in OneInbox.

The service will be launched by 2012.

The government said it expects about 250,000 citizens to be on OneInbox in the first year, doubling to 500,000 in the second year, and increasing to 800,000 in the third.

A study conducted by Ministry of Finance and IDA has revealed that close to 65% of survey respondents would like to receive correspondences from the government online.

Four government agencies will first allow citizens to choose for correspondence to be sent through OneInbox.

Shanna Ng, Manager of Corporate and Marketing Communication Division of IDA said IDA will share the details to FutureGov Asia Pacific Magazine once updates become available.

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