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Singapore projects S$1.2 billion govt IT spending in 2012

The Government of Singapore expects to procure S$1.2 billion (US$932 million) worth of information and communications (infocomm) projects in its Financial Year 2012.


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Announcing the plans at the annual Industry Briefing on Business Opportunities for Infocomm in the Public Sector, James Kang, Assistant Chief Executive, Government Chief Information Office Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), said that despite the global economic outlook, the Government of Singapore remains committed to investing in IT to enhance operational efficiency and productivity within the public sector and improve service delivery to businesses and citizens.

In Financial Year 2011, the government awarded 638 IT contracts with a combined value of more than S$1.12 billion, slightly exceeding the projection of S$1.1 billion announced at last year’s Industry Briefing.

Around two thirds of the contracts, in terms of both number and combined value, went to local businesses, while the rest were awarded to multinationals operating in the country.

In the coming Financial Year, there will be significant investment in learning management systems, data analytics, e-services and portals, as well as business process management.

Over the next two years, the government will be piloting a new ICT procurement approach to encourage innovation and co-creation with the industry. The process, known as “Call-for-solution”, calls for IT companies to propose innovative solutions in areas where similar work has not been done or agencies would like to take existing technologies to a new arena. Under this concept, there will not be separate contracts for Proof-of-Concept and actual implementation, allowing companies who have demonstrated working solutions to continue to build the system. The proposals will not be evaluated by track record as they will not have any.

Another significant initiative is termed “Call-for-Collaboration” or CFC, through which the government invites the industry to create value with government data or mash them with private sector data, thus creating new business value and economic benefits for the society.

A multi-agency effort led by IDA and Ministry of Finance, the CFC brings together agencies including Department of Statistics (DOS), Energy Market Authority (EMA), Health Promotion Board (HPB), Land Transport Authority (LTA), National Environment Agency (NEA), National Library Board (NLB), National Parks Board (NPARKS) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

Other new projects announced include ‘Workplace of the Future’, which aims to improve productivity in public workplace, enable civil servants to actively share knowledge & collaborate, and foster better cross-agency service delivery.

The government expects its private cloud infrastructure, G-Cloud to be ready as a serve by end of this year. And IDA will continue to procure various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

The government will also step up its efforts for local IT companies to productise innovative solutions and promote them globally.

In addition, Kang told FutureGov that IDA will work more closely with individual agencies to ensure that the data collected from sensor networks can be standardised, shared and analysed.

A separate division under IDA handles spectrum allocation, a crucial enabler for sensor networks.

A number of other agencies, including Ministry of Defence, Central Provident Fund Board and Ministry of Manpower, also shared their ICT plans at the briefing. In addition, IDA presented its masterplan for sports and social sector in Singapore, which aims to provide common ICT packages to organisations in the sector.

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