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Information Management

Vietnam to build online visa issuance system

Come July 2013, foreigners will be able to enjoy the convenience of applying for an entry visa in Vietnam thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ new online visa issuance system.


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The system, with an estimated cost of about USD 1 million, aims to manage visa issuances for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MOFA) Consular offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang, as well as for all Vietnamese representative offices abroad.

Nguyen Nhu Trung, Deputy Director General of the Information and Communication Centre at MOFA, told FutureGov that the new system will provide MOFA’s agencies with a layer of services and applications on a safe, stable and effective infrastructure.

Trung explained that the system will computerise the application receipts and streamline the processing and delivery of information on issued visas to the competent authorities in the Ministries of Public Security and Defence. In addition, it will also allow visa applicants to not only register for visa application online but also track how their applications are progressing.

”By having a standardised system, it will facilitate better interaction among agencies of MOFA thereby accelerating the decision and policy making processes,” he said.

Issuing Vietnamese visas for foreigners is the most in demand consulate service both inside and outside of Vietnam. In 2010, 90 representative offices of Vietnam have issued visa for more than four million foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam.

”The current ICT system used for issuing visas has no uniform format for all representative offices. As such, the processing time is not optimised, leading to mistakes in information processing and inefficiency. In addition, there is no connected network among representatives dealing with simultaneous issuances.”

Trung said once the system is in place, it is expected to drastically improve the processing time and efficiency of visa applications. Furthermore, the streamlined data on foreigners already receiving visas to enter Vietnam will play a very crucial aspect in safeguarding national security.

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