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Philippine local government units trained in disaster mapping

The World Food Programme (WFP) and the Department of Interior and Local Government are embarking on a series of disaster mapping workshops aimed at equipping more than 600 Local Government Units (LGU), located in the country’s 18 major river basins, the necessary tools and skills for disaster response and prevention.


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According to Juanito Berja Jr., GIS specialist from the WFP, the computerised mapping programme will enable LGUs to identify areas classified as “unfit for dwelling” due to several topographic attributes making it vulnerable to risks such as flooding, landslides, earthquake, liquefaction and many more.

The disaster mapping workshop will impart practical knowledge on how the community can prepare and be resilient in times of such natural calamities. Berja said, through this effort, LGUs can focus on programmes on disaster response and prevention which would allow them to save more lives and resources in the event of a disaster.

Several LGUs from the province of Negros Oriental, located in Central Visayas region, are also conducting a one-week integrated planning course on Incident Command System, a management tool used during calamities which aims to give concerned stakeholders better situational clarity and awareness that will enable them to efficiently respond to situations.

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