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Thailand promotes e-learning with educational tablets

Thailand’s ICT Ministry is cooperating with Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School (elementary level) to pilot IT applications that could improve teaching effectiveness and education quality, under the national Smart Education plan.


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TOT, a State-owned telecom company, and a team of programmers have developed applications have developed educational software for the tablets. The Ministry is to pilot the educational tablets at the Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School.

It seeks to promote information technology as a medium of instruction in the school, improving effectiveness of education delivery, and enabling teachers to track the students’ progress and manage records efficiently.

Minister for ICT, Anudith Nakornthap, said, “With the ‘One Tablet PC per Child’ programme, the Ministry of ICT has accelerated the development of information technology for the education sector to meet international standards.”

The educational software is compatible with popular platforms, such as Windows, iOS and Android, in order to increase educational opportunities and encourage students to make extensive use of the tablets, the Minister added.

“Patterns of educational instruction are changing, as modern IT applications are developed for the education sector. This, combined with better connected government agencies and cloud services, has changed the potential of innovation in the education sector,” remarked the Minister.

In addition to IT infrastructure, he highlighted the need for developing curriculum standards, developing teachers’ IT skills and promoting research and evaluation in order to create sustainable transformation in the education sector.

The Minister shared, “The Thailand Smart Education programme is currently in pilot stage, and based on the results, the tablets will be extended to other schools in the future. The programme looks to transform the learning paradigm with a learner-centred development model and one-to-one digital classrooms. The programme aims to instil lifelong learning and allow students to learn from anywhere, at any time.”

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On 7 October 2013 Fall UP wrote:

As of October 2013, 30% of the 1 million or so tablets given to students are broken and out of order. Tablets are useless after less than 1 year! The Puea Thai government is a laughing stock! Not to mention many of the government appointed service centers have already closed!

Almost 1/3 of the students in class do not have a working tablet, how does the Thai education teach with these “integrated” tools? How do those students without tablets?

The truth is that tablets are not being integrated into the curriculum, they are just being used as a entertainment device for the children during break time and at home.

Studies have shown that children experience fatigue during extended use. The tablets are only passed out to 1st graders, the grade that probably needs it the least.

Money would be better spent if they provide computers for schools so students can learn to type or do research on it, all grades can benefit!

Studies in Europe have shown tablets are not suitable for young children. The Thai government is already planning on buying around 1 million more tablets, they aid to buy 10 million by 2015. This is the biggest waste of education budget.

How does throwing a tablet pc at students make them smarter? Authorities complain how outdated school facilities are and how bad the textbook is, they think that tablet pc is the key? No wonder Thai kids are becoming dumber, they trail behind their less developed neighbors!

Why is it so hard to overhaul the teaching curriculum and put money where it counts? Not on some device that is not reliable, not proven, and will be outdated after a year or two.

Thailand has one of the highest education budget in the world, but the worst performing student. That says a lot about how serious the government is regarding to Education in Thailand and the will to progress and develop the citizens. Its almost as if they want to keep the citizens stupid so they can plunder the tax payers money at their will.

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