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How Big Data and GIS will plan a liveable Singapore

Kicking off the first FutureGov Cities and Big Data Summit, Peter Quek, CIO at the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, shared how they are using GIS to fully maximise the value of big data enabling them to design livable communities in the city state.


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Speaking to over a hundred senior IT decision makers from some of Asia’s fastest growing cities, Quek highlighted how GIS technology is the glue of Big Data for city planning.

Apart from being one of the most densely populated countries in the world, Singapore’s limited land means that the margins of error associated with land use and resource allocation have also become smaller.

GIS is helping us overcome these challenges by allowing us to harness our data so that we can come up with innovative solutions that fit our requirements.”

During his keynote, Quek also showed how URA is using today’s most advanced 3D smart city technology from Esri to help urban planners perform urban design simulations.

The technology allows planners to simulate how different building forms affect the surrounding environment and safeguard view corridors to lush greenery. They can also conduct shadow studies on proposed developments to see how public spaces can be shaded for better comfort

“At the end of the day, urban planning is about the people. How can we make their lives better? How can we make the surrounding environment more livable and sustainable? By using GIS we can study different scenarios that can help us design the future of our communities,” he said.

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