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Singapore Government uses Big Data analytics to optimise transport management

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore has been using its highly sophisticated and integrated Intelligent Transport System to collect, process and disseminate real-time data, said Chang Mook Choong, Deputy Director of Intelligent Transport Systems Development Division at the Cities and Big Data Summit.


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Speaking to over 100 city administrators, Chang described how LTA has harnessed technology to optimise the use and efficiency of the country’s transportation infrastructure, improved safety and enhanced the travelling experience of commuters.

LTA’s three key strategies are to provide innovative mobility solutions, establish collaborative partnership, as well as develop and adopt technology standards,” he said.

The Agency collects data from several sources, including road sensors, Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System (EMAS), Green Link Determining System also known as GLIDE which controls over 2000 traffic lights to enhance drivers’ experience, Junction Electronic Eyes, TrafficScan which uses GPS technology on 9500 taxis to monitor road condition, Parking Guidance System, and finally data crowdsourced from the public.

“We started out with several systems, each collecting and processing data separately. However, in order to make sense of all data, we have now integrated all into the unified ‘i-Transport Platform’,” Chang said.

“Using a single interface, our operators can now make sense of different sources of data. The platform fuses raw traffic data so that it can be converted into meaningful traffic information,” he added.

Once data has been processed into information that is relevant and useful, LTA disseminates this information via electronic signboards on the roads, web portals, its Twitter account, radio, and mobile applications.

“Data is also made available to the industry to encourage collaboration. Companies have used the data for navigation devices and to create new innovative applications,” concluded Chang.

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