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Malaysian Police working with local authorities to better identify crime hotspots

The Royal Malaysian Police is exchanging data with local authorities for the first time to identify and better police crime-prone areas across the country, Nawawi Bin Junoh, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Inspector General Police’s Secretariat (Research & Development) told FutureGov.

Disruptive Influence: Interview with Grantly Mailes, Chief Technology Advocate, Victoria, Australia

Government must use technology to adopt radical new business models ...

“Urgent” mobile need in Australian state government, exclusive poll finds

There is an “urgent” need for mobile services in the ...

21 July 2014 | News

Australia state government to migrate email to the cloud, improve staff mobility

The New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services has signed a deal with Fujitsu to migrate 27,000 email accounts to the cloud, which will improve mobility of on-ground staff serving communities across the state.

20 July 2014 | Research

How do you know when government cyber security is breached?

How to protect against internal and external security threats.

18 July 2014 | News

Start small and build up: Australia shares successes in public sector innovation

An online toolkit for policymakers, a framework for national collaboration, simulations to share census data - Australian Government departments share recent innovative moves, as part of the government’s ongoing Innovation Month 2014.

18 July 2014 | News

How Seoul achieved 95.7% citizen satisfaction with its government call centre

The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s call centre answers 33,000 calls from citizens everyday and has achieved a citizen satisfaction rate of 95.7%, says Michael Ahn, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs, McCormack Graduate School.

17 July 2014 | Interview

What Australia’s open data drive means for us - Geoscience Australia

FutureGov caught up with Sue Fyfe, Director, Geoinformatics and Data Services, Geoscience Australia, to discuss how Australia’s latest open data direction is enabling, and the agencies it works with.

16 July 2014 | News

The Philippines connecting 160 government offices to improve efficiency, allow shared services

Government agencies in the Philippines’ national capital region will soon be able to collaborate and access core services such as email, online security and web hosting with a new high-speed communication network.

15 July 2014 | Research

Warning signs your application delivery process is broken

Introducing DevOps and how it could benefit your organisation.

10 July 2014 | News

Internal project managers helped Queensland Health payroll system overcome past problems, chief executive says

Queensland state’s Department of Health has recovered from a previously failed implementation of a payroll system, Susan Middleditch, chief executive of the Health Service Support Agency has told FutureGov. This success was brought about by the fact that the suppliers were embedded in the project team, rather than working on it externally, she said.

10 July 2014 | News

Singapore government takes joined-up approach to tackle climate change

The Singapore government is taking a whole-of-government approach in addressing climate change and this week has committed to publish its long-term plans to increase the country’s resilience to climate change by 2016.

10 July 2014 | Interview

Biggest challenge for open data is standardised format, says senior Japanese official

The biggest challenge for Japan’s open data effort is creating a standardised format for the whole of government to adhere to, Kenji Hiramoto, Executive Advisor to the Government CIO in the Cabinet Secretariat Government of Japan has told FutureGov.

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