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Australian Government plans to continuously refresh panel of cloud suppliers

The Australian Government has proposed setting up a panel of suppliers in December which will be continuously refreshed so that new products and vendors can be added.

What is an ‘ops centre’? FutureGov explains

Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, recently announced plans ...

Thailand cuts computing costs by 30% over two years

Thailand’s government cloud has saved more than 30% of ...

26 August 2014 | News

Connected Government shortlist announced for 2014 FutureGov Awards

Agencies from Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and Singapore have been shortlisted in the Connected Government category for 2014 FutureGov Awards.

26 August 2014 | Research

Singapore departments lead their peers on importance and use of connectivity, new survey reveals

Singapore public sector organisations are the most enthusiastic supporters of the role of connectivity to drive performance, beating their peers in Australia, Malaysia and India, according to a new FutureGov Research report.

26 August 2014 | News

San Mateo County, US, uses sensors & integrated traffic system to improve commute

A US county improved traffic congestion and ease of parking for citizens and businesses by setting up an integrated system and wireless internet access. The project involved the cooperation of state and city organisations, and private companies.

22 August 2014 | News

Exclusive: Thailand plans to complete whole-of-government website by 2017

The Government of Thailand has approved the development of a website that will bring together services across all of its agencies, and is scheduled to be completed in three years, Sak Segkhoonthod, President and CEO of Thailand’s E-Government Agency, has told FutureGov.

19 August 2014 | Interview

Data sharing tips from Colorado Chief Data Officer Dianna Anderson

Colorado was the first state in the US to create the role of the Chief Data Officer in 2009. FutureGov spoke to Dianna Anderson, the Chief Data Officer of the State of Colorado about their progress in using data and the challenges of sharing data across its 17 state agencies.

19 August 2014 | News

Officials prioritise growth, sustainability and infrastructure, exclusive poll finds

Senior officials in Australia, India, Malaysia and Singapore are prioritising growth, sustainability and infrastructure, an exclusive FutureGov survey has found.

18 August 2014 | News

Singapore PM pledges better agency collaboration, launches new coordination office

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday announced the launch of a new Municipal Services Office to ensure that agencies better work together and solve problems that cross departmental boundaries. He also committed to launch an operations centre which uses technology to monitor activity in the city and deploy resources quickly.

14 August 2014 | Interview

Why three Indonesian cities formed a joint secretariat

Three Indonesian cities, Sleman, Bantul and Yogyakarta, believe that they are better off tackling their urban problems together. FutureGov caught up with Haryadi Suyuti, Mayor of Yogyakarta, the biggest of these three cities, to find out why.

14 August 2014 | Interview

Singapore Government’s first Chief Data Scientist Prabir Sen on his new role and goals

FutureGov has exclusively interviewed Prabir Sen, Singapore government’s first Chief Data Scientist. He was appointed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in January, and discussed why his role was created, what he wants to achieve and the challenges he faces.

13 August 2014 | News

Australian Immigration became over 30% more effective thanks to analytics

Australian Immigration and Border Protection developed an analytics system in agile to identify high-risk passengers more accurately, Klaus Felsche, Director of Risk Tiering and Analytics, told FutureGov.

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