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“Urgent” mobile need in Australian state government, exclusive poll finds

There is an “urgent” need for mobile services in the Australian state government of Victoria according to 89% of IT officials in the region, an exclusive FutureGov survey has found.

Australia state government to migrate email to the cloud, improve staff mobility

The New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services ...

India Government's new ICT approach 'excites' HP

Neelam Dhawan, Managing Director of HP India, believes that the ...

30 June 2014 | News

Red Hat: Cloud delivers scalable, reliable e-government services

It can take up to 90 days to make new IT infrastructure available for a government agency. “With cloud, you don’t need days, just minutes,” Glenn West, Cloud Business Unit Manager Asia Pacific, Red Hat told FutureGov.

30 June 2014 | News

Cloud technology “greatest opportunity” for Pasay City, Philippines, says CIO

Pasay, a city in the Philippines, plans to virtualise its servers, move data into the cloud and invest in Big Data to improve citizen services over the next year, Julius Garachico, the city’s Assistant CIO, has told FutureGov.

18 June 2014 | News

Japan to build nationwide healthcare network to address ageing population

Japan’s Government will be connecting all hospitals, clinics and pharmacies nationwide as part of broader plans to address Japan’s ageing population problem, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has told FutureGov.

18 June 2014 | News

Seoul, South Korea, plans new cloud platform to share data

Seoul, South Korea’s capital city, is developing a cloud platform to better connect its government agencies.

17 June 2014 | News

New Zealand Government announces new cloud software deal

The New Zealand Government will launch a new information-sharing system to be delivered in partnership with the private sector, the Government Chief Information Officer, Colin MacDonald has announced.

16 June 2014 | Interview

Red Hat: Governments should invest in open source cloud to keep up with technology

Governments should invest in open source cloud to avoid getting trapped with a vendor and their offerings when they need to meet policy requirements or the time comes to update to new technology, Red Hat says.

12 June 2014 | News

ASEAN’s low cloud readiness holding back economic integration

ASEAN countries have to be better prepared for cloud adoption if they are to achieve their 2015 deadline for economic integration with the ASEAN Economic Community.

12 June 2014 | News

New Zealand ‘should take more risks on cloud’

New Zealand government’s approach to cloud computing is too risk averse, a review of the public sector’s use of cloud computing has shown.

11 June 2014 | News

Indian Government to invest in cloud technology for e-government projects

The Indian Government has announced that it will be using cloud technology in key e-government projects , six of which will begin in a month’s time. The government identified these projects after an evaluation of how technology can be used to provide better public services.

10 June 2014 | Interview

Cities for citizens - urban planning for the people

The challenges facing cities over the next few years are large and growing - take new technologies, new expectations, and increasing global competition, to name but a few. Laura Ipsen, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, thinks that technology can help, and tells FutureGov that it’s important to take a citizen-centric approach to urban transformation.

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