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White House appoints new CTO and Deputy, to manage big tech trends and privacy

The White House has announced the appointment of a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Deputy CTO to advise on big technological trends and privacy issues.

Singapore appoints chief engineer to boost connectivity, startups, Smart Nation vision

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore has appointed a new ...

India Government's new ICT approach 'excites' HP

Neelam Dhawan, Managing Director of HP India, believes that the ...

18 June 2014 | Interview

Interview: John Sheridan, Australian Government CTO

FutureGov discusses open source and agile with the federal government’s ICT chief

3 June 2014 | Interview

Singapore Government CIO reflects on success of last ICT masterplan

After more than seven years of service at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, James Kang left his role of Assistant Chief Executive (Government Chief Information Office) last month to return to the private sector. FutureGov caught up with Kang to talk about the highlights of his tenure, the biggest challenges he faced and the things he would have done differently if he had a chance.

28 May 2014 | News

Red Hat opens office in Indonesia to target Open Source opportunity

Government support for Open Source technologies and the rapid development of Southeast Asia’s largest economy encourages Red Hat to set up office in Jakarta.

27 May 2014 | News

Australian State government leverages cloud to deliver savings

Queensland’s Minister for Information Technology, Ian Walker, announces a revitalised cloud-first strategy. Reinforces support for virtualised services to manage the cost of running ICT infrastructure.

7 May 2014 | News

Australia dissolves whole-of-government CIO role

The role of the Australian Government Chief Information Officer will be dissolved, as responsibilities are taken over by Rosemary Deininger, First Assistant Secretary of the newly created Efficiency, Assurance and Digital Government Cluster in the Department of Finance.

2 May 2014 | News

Australia government urges digital-by-default, cloud-first & Big Data strategies

Australian Government’s new “Report of the National Commission of Audit” reinforces support for ICT modernisation. This canvasses continued support for cloud computing, big data, and digital services. Foreshadows outsourcing services, and closer scrutiny of big-ticket spending programmes.

30 April 2014 | News

Washington State transforms service delivery with agile and personalised government

Higher citizen expectations, smaller budgets and the accelerated pace of innovation today provide a great opportunity for governments to fundamentally change the way they think about IT, shared Michael DeAngelo, Deputy Chief Information Officer of State of Washington, United States, at the 11th annual FutureGov Forum Singapore.

27 March 2014 | Interview

Automation and virtualisation help Australian Treasury CIO do more with less

The Australian Treasury had 15 per cent of its budget cut in the last two years. But its CIO, Peter Alexander, continues to meet rising demands with fewer resources, delivering real business benefits to the agency.

27 March 2014 | News

Western Australia focuses on public sector accountability

The industry’s flagship 3rd Annual FutureGov Forum Western Australia spotlights public sector accountability. As the first in FutureGov’s 2014 series for Australia and New Zealand, forum explores ICT accountability, governance, cyber-security, and risk management reforms. Speakers represent ANZ, European and North American governments.

26 March 2014 | News

Citrix delivers desktop virtualisation for Singapore public health staff mobility

Singapore Health Ministry’s IT arm, Integrated Health Information Systems, leverages desktop virtualisation to improve mobility, productivity and collaboration among staff in public healthcare institutions, announcing an agreement with Citrix today.

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