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Makati City, the Philippines, to upgrade GIS, introduce video analytics

Makati City in the Philippines has been using geographic information systems (GIS) for urban planning for almost a decade now, and plans to further improve its use of the technology, Merlina Panganiban, Head of Urban Development has told FutureGov.

Hong Kong mobile app opens government map data to public

The Hong Kong government has pulled together 120 types of ...

Creating more value from your Open Data initiatives

Christopher Thomas, Government Markets Manager, Esri, believes that departments need ...

4 September 2014 | News

Mobile government field workers to make Thailand land survey ten times faster

Officials from Thailand’s Treasury Department can soon update information on the use of state land more accurately and efficiently on the field with a new geographic information system (GIS).

4 September 2014 | News

Malaysian region plans for the future with GIS

Iskandar Malaysia, a growth zone in the southern Malaysian state of Johor, is attempting to ‘future-proof’ its development plans using GIS mapping technology from Esri. Encompassing the city of Johor Bahru, several towns and a planned administrative capital for the state, Iskandar Malaysia covers over 2000 square kilometres and has its planning administered by the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), a federal government agency.

28 August 2014 | Interview

Can Geodesign connect long term planning to short term electoral cycles?

Governments are obsessed with their own mortality, and view the world through the prism of how long they have in office. This ranges from six years in the Philippines, five years in most countries, down to as little as three years in Australia. How do governments tackle long term challenges, when all they can hear is the steady tick-tock countdown to the next election?

21 August 2014 | News

City of Port Adelaide, Australia, takes citizens down memory lane with interactive map

A city in South Australia has published an interactive map to take its citizens through the history of the port city.

12 August 2014 | Interview

City of Naga, Philippines, has dedicated team to respond to Facebook comments

Naga City in the Philippines employs a team of officials to read and respond to Facebook comments. Mayor John Bongat tells FutureGov how that helped during Typhoon Glenda last month.

6 August 2014 | Interview

How do you get agencies sharing data during a crisis? How Manila, Philippines, changed processes to enable better analytics

It is difficult at the best of times to get agencies to share data, but when a natural disaster hits, this need becomes vital. The Philippines has found new ways to get officials to share data and enable Big Data analytics to be used during response efforts

31 July 2014 | Interview

How the Indonesian government is fighting forest fires & haze

A new online fire monitoring GIS platform that pulls together all relevant information - such as hotspots, wind direction, land shape and features, as well as forestry licenses - was launched last week. It has shown to cut response time by 80%.

30 July 2014 | News

Singapore government partners students to use mapping technology on urban challenges

For the first time, students taking part in the Singapore government’s annual geospatial challenge worked with town leaders to solve problems such as improving mobility for the disabled, promoting healthy lifestyle among residents, and encouraging community bonding.

29 July 2014 | Interview

How the US government is using GIS to battle forest fires

During the past decade, wildfires in the western United States have become a significantly growing concern.

Kent Connoughton, US Forest Service regional forester, is in charge of 17 forests and the large grassland located in the Pacific Northwest—Region 6. A Fellow of the Society of American Foresters, he is responsible for federal protection of forests from fire, bugs, and disease.

Connoughton’s staff uses geographic information system technology from Esri, the world leader in GIS technology, to measure forest conditions and look for patterns and relationships in forest health. The regional forester brings these maps to D.C. to build dialog about forest planning, policy, and legislation.

23 July 2014 | Interview

Thailand’s water authority to join up all data across three provinces

The Thai water authority plans to consolidate all location-based data across its departments into a central system within the next five years, the Metropolitan Water Authority has told FutureGov.

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