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How the Indonesian government is fighting forest fires & haze

A new online fire monitoring GIS platform that pulls together all relevant information - such as hotspots, wind direction, land shape and features, as well as forestry licenses - was launched last week. It has shown to cut response time by 80%.

Singapore government partners students to use mapping technology on urban challenges

For the first time, students taking part in the Singapore ...

How the US government is using GIS to battle forest fires

During the past decade, wildfires in the western United States ...

23 July 2014 | Interview

Thailand’s water authority to join up all data across three provinces

The Thai water authority plans to consolidate all location-based data across its departments into a central system within the next five years, the Metropolitan Water Authority has told FutureGov.

22 July 2014 | Interview

What does the big red button do? See the tech used by Thailand’s electricity authority

The Thai electricity authority will be able to better track its entire operation across Bangkok and two neighbouring provinces by the end of this year thanks to a new location-based management system, its senior official has told FutureGov.

22 July 2014 | Interview

Japan brings data from businesses, government & citizens together into one interactive site

The City of Kitakyushu in Japan has created an information portal that brings together location-based data from across local businesses, citizens and government.

16 July 2014 | Interview

Bangkok residents to pay electricity bills via mobile by end of 2014

Residents and businesses in Bangkok and two neighbouring provinces will be able to pay their bills via their mobile phones by the end of this year, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority told FutureGov today.

16 July 2014 | News

Singapore Government showcases 3D urban mapping on newest commercial district

The Singapore government is using a smart 3D mapping tool to run large scale simulations to guide the planning, design and development of its newest commercial area, the Urban Redevelopment Authority told a gathering of 15,000 geospatial professionals yesterday.

15 July 2014 | News

GIS is more important than ever to solve today’s world challenges - Esri President

Geographic information provides context and a framework to help solve the world’s most serious challenges, Jack Dangermond, President, Esri said this morning at a gathering of over 16,000 government and industry leaders from over 130 countries.

9 July 2014 | News

South Australian government targets funds for disadvantaged communities with GIS

The South Australian government has developed an interactive real-time map with census and social service data to identify gaps where the state needs to deliver more programmes and grants to vulnerable communities.

8 July 2014 | News

Australian government publishes interactive map of national statistics by region

The Australian government has released an online interactive map of national statistics, including population, birth rate, average income, number of businesses, broken down by each geographical region.

7 July 2014 | News

New South Wales, Australia, maps out all major infrastructure projects

The New South Wales government has launched an online interactive map of all major infrastructure investments and projects across the state that were set out in the latest 2014-15 Budget.

4 July 2014 | News

Malaysia's new method of mitigating landslides: 3D mapping

The city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, plans to publish a 3D map of all risky hill slopes to help prevent landslides. City Hall will also be selling some of this data to property developers to generate revenue.

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