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Australian health department upgrades online application system for over-the-counter medicine

The Australian Department of Health has upgraded its over-the-counter medicines online application system to simplify the application process for businesses.

Singapore tertiary institution partners industry to enhance digital learning

Republic Polytechnic, a tertiary institution in Singapore with 15,000 ...

Users review Australian Health Agency's Online Arthritis Map

Charley Glynn and Christopher Wesson, experts from the Ordnance Survey ...

7 April 2014 | News

Innovative tele-rehabilitation solution with videoconferencing and sensor technologies for stroke patients

A group of researchers led by Associate Professor Gerald Koh from the National University of Singapore Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health has started clinical trials to test the effectiveness of a tele-rehabilitation system.

2 April 2014 | News

New Zealand health IT system upgrades search for quicker patient data access

New Zealand now has a new IT system that allows healthcare providers to easily identify patients and their data through a unique healthcare identity number. It makes it easier to access patient data quickly while preventing errors.

26 March 2014 | News

Philippine National Health Insurance agency to roll out paperless transactions in hospitals

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), a government-owned and controlled corporation, will be implementing paperless transactions through the enhanced Health Care Institution Portal (HCIP) in all of its accredited hospitals by end of March 2014.

26 March 2014 | News

Citrix delivers desktop virtualisation for Singapore public health staff mobility

Singapore Health Ministry’s IT arm, Integrated Health Information Systems, leverages desktop virtualisation to improve mobility, productivity and collaboration among staff in public healthcare institutions, announcing an agreement with Citrix today.

25 March 2014 | News

Indian city government launches public health mobile app to track TB

Mumbai, Indian city with a population of over 3 million, has launched a mobile application for doctors to notify the central government of new tuberculosis patients.

17 March 2014 | News

New UN Standard to improve e-health interoperability

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a UN agency focusing on the information and communication technologies, has offered its first stage approval to an important standard enabling an exchange of multimedia health data between health provider, a controlling function and patient.

16 March 2014 | Research

Transforming the future of ACT Health in 2014

A report highlighting on the new and cutting-edge initiatives that are emerging and transforming the Australian healthcare system.

14 March 2014 | News

Automated pharmacy system cuts time and errors at Singapore hospital

Singapore General Hospital’s Outpatient Pharmacy system, the world’s first such automated solution in a hospital, has halved the time to fill prescriptions, reduced manpower, and reduced errors.

10 March 2014 | News

Hong Kong hospitals use barcodes to track surgical tools

Five public hospitals in Hong Kong are using an electronic barcode system to track every surgical equipment.

6 March 2014 | News

Top 3 concerns of government data centre and network managers

Security, bandwidth and velocity are the three things that data centre and network IT managers in the public sector should watch out for, says Dr Ispran Kandasamy, Vice President of Sales Asia Pacific at CommScope.

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