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Singapore government focuses on Big Data, Open Data, Cloud & Security

The Singapore government will be leveraging the opportunities provided by Big Data, sensors, cloud and open data to improve productivity and citizen services, while ensuring information security, said Zaqy Mohamad, Member of Parliament & Chairman for the Government Parliamentary Committee, Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore.

Supporting government digital initiatives with Open Source

Open source, without a doubt, is quickly becoming a necessity ...

Indonesian capital city prioritises Big Data and Open Government for public safety and transport

Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, is preparing for its first ...

14 April 2014 | Interview

Open Source enables government business continuity

Is your software like the finest wine that gets better over time? Or does it have a ticking shelf-life like milk?

10 April 2014 | News

Philippine Government gives donor agencies access to transparency portal’s content management system

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda announced earlier this week, that 64 partner countries and seven multilateral organisations will be given access to the Foreign Aid Transparency Hub (FAiTH) website content management system, in a bit to better track foreign aid given to victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan last year.

9 April 2014 | News

Red Hat answers governments’ questions on Freeware and Open Source

Following a recent FutureGov “Ask the experts” article, Red Hat’s Harrish Pillay, the Global Head for Community Architecture and Leadership, responds to another query from a FutureGov reader on when open source is free and when it’s not.

8 April 2014 | News

Open data: Central to Smart London city plan

Access to open data is one of the key focus of the ‘Smart London Plan’ by the City Hall, with an aim to evolve the London Datastore into a global exemplar platform by 2016 and double the number of users on the Datastore and Dashboard by 2018.

3 April 2014 | News

Indonesian mayor reveals plans for highly mobile and open smart city

In an exclusive interview with FutureGov, Danny Pomanto, Mayor of Makassar, Indonesia’s sixth most populous city with 1.5 million residents, described his plans for a highly mobile and connected smart city.

31 March 2014 | News

Indian Government pushes for open source with Windows XP end of service

Indian Government departments are being encouraged to upgrade their Windows XP operating systems or switch to open source operating systems like Linux. National Informatics Centre has informed government agencies that it will no longer support websites and other platforms running on Windows XP after March 31.

24 March 2014 | News

Should Governments switch to open source?

FutureGov speaks to Laurence Millar, former Government CIO of New Zealand and Gunnar Hellekson, Chief Technology Strategist for Red Hat’s US Public Sector Group, for their perspectives on the UK Government’s plans to drop expensive proprietary software in favour of open source.

24 March 2014 | News

World Bank releases Open Data Guide for disaster risk reduction

The World Bank has released the OpenDRI Field Guide which catalogues best practices on the management of open data programmes for disaster risk reduction by governments and other relevant organisations.

21 March 2014 | News

United States’ new e-government unit 18F runs on lean startup principles

The United States General Services Administration has set up a unit - 18F - to house the government’s new digital delivery team. It will be responsible for the US digital government programme to drive efficiency, transparency and savings through innovation across the federal government.

20 March 2014 | News

US Government launches open data portal on climate change

The US Government launched - a new climate-focused section of, the Federal Government’s open data platform, hosted by the General Services Administration that will make authoritative climate data more open, accessible, and useful to citizens, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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