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Checking-up on Records and Information Management: How well do you manage your data?

Records and Information are an essential part of public sector accountability as they are the basis of good decision-making and they protect the rights and entitlements of citizens. In an interview with Kerry Moir, Acting Assistant Director General ...


The National Archives of Australia has just recently launched its new and improved Check-up 2.0, a web-based application designed for Departments and Agencies to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their records and information management systems.

The Check-up 2.0 is a tool for Australian Government agencies to help them assess “where they are up to” and “what they’re current capabilities are” in terms of records and information management.

“When you say assessing current capabilities of the systems we actually mean that very broadly, it’s not just in terms of technical capabilities, but we are also looking at processes, procedures, policies, and everything that relates to records and information management” Moir said.

The new tool will also help support a case for resources or initiatives to improve information and records management; help produce reports to senior management on how well agencies met the National Archives’ minimum requirements for basic records management; and assist in planning and developing strategies, policies, procedures and training programs.

According to Moir, Check-up 2.0 will challenge the view that some records managers have about their role and the view that some agencies have about the records management function.

“Check-up 2.0 is underpinned by the position that a fragmented approach or blinkered view of records management is no longer sustainable – and this will be a challenge to a number of people” Moir said.

“I think it’s very important that records and information management be approached from a strategic point of view.”

The full article on the National Archives of Australia’s Check-up 2.0 will appear in the May edition of FutureGov Asia Pacific Magazine.

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