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Critical Government Services Are Becoming Event Driven: Tibco

Whether they’re ready for it or not, in line with the new models of Citizen Centric Government, or System Centric Services, many government agencies are becoming event driven. An unhappy constituent in your office or on your website, or more importantl...


Rules based business process management and complex event processing solutions are highly cost effective approaches to predict behaviors, sense the actual behavior and alert someone to respond in an appropriate manner. Even detecting anomalous activities or relationships in a purchasing and contracting scenario can greatly help an agency in both reducing fraud and increasing efficiency.

Nowhere is the transformation to event driven government more critical than in providing protection and services to children. TIBCO assisted in updating, modernising and assuring accountability for one of the largest child support activities in the world. Children are no longer allowed to drop through a crack and lose their protections, entitled services or financial assistance as was unfortunately, the previous case.

An interesting, critical, and highly visible mission of the US Department of Homeland Security is processing and determining who should be allowed to immigrate to and gain citizenship in this great country. Previously, the massive scale and distributed nature of information about the people in this process had led to multiyear delays in the validation and qualification process.

This led many times to frustration and disenchantment with the system. The USCIS was established and chartered to fix this problem. Working with TIBCO they were able to tie 60 legacy sources of information together into a cohesive single view of the applicant. This process greatly reduced (to weeks and months) the delay times and thus improved the image of the organisation, its’ people and our country to our newest residents and citizens.

There are a surprising number of events in this process. Every time a legacy data source is updated, a petitioner calls, or a judgement is made, an event within the system must be sensed and responded to. We have to remember that a system is far more patient waiting for an answer than a nervous applicant.

One of the oldest judicial systems was modernised using an enterprise service bus and a business process management solution from TIBCO allowing transcripts of major cases to be processed and available to the courts and attorneys typically within an hour as opposed to days, which was the previous case. This enterprise service bus evolved from this initial capability to support one of the largest judicial systems in the world.

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