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Esri publishes web map of super typhoon Haiyan

Esri published an interactive map of super typhoon Haiyan, the equivalent of a category five hurricane, to support disaster relief agencies and citizens in their efforts to help affected communities in central Philippines.


The super typhoon, locally known in the Philippines as Yolanda, bore down torrential rains and strong winds on Friday morning affecting more than 12 million people including residents of Cebu and Bohol, who are still reeling from the impact of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake three weeks ago.

The map describes the typhoon’s projected paths, storm surge, weather warnings, and precipitation. Furthermore, it also allows users to see its real-time effects through social media platforms such as Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube.

Live feeds and updates were sourced from the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, a US Navy-US Air Force task force located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The agency is responsible for the issuing of tropical cyclone warnings for the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.

According to the Philippines’ weather bureau, Haiyan is expected to exit the country on Saturday and move towards the south china sea, potentially becoming a threat to Vietnam or China.

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