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Korea angles for a national cloud standard

While there is yet no official international cloud standard, Korea is now in the process of developing a national one to deal with the growing cloud market.


“We assume that the Korean cloud market will increase from US$600 million in 2009 to US$2.5 billion in 2014,” Jeongwon Yoon, Director of National Information Society Agency (NIA) said to FutureGov Asia Pacific. “We will be increasing dramatically; we need to prepare for it.”

The standards will address issues around security, interoperability and legal frameworks in an effort to “increase the usage rate of cloud in the public sector”. Yoon explained the need for encouragement, saying that Korea is a small country and if government does not play a role and stimulate adoption, the country will be “behind the global market”.

“We think that interfaces and interoperability are the biggest issues. We have to have some standards that defines cloud computing services and these standards will then tell us if certain infrastructure is qualified for cloud,” Yoon Shared.

“There will also be monitoring and evaluation of cloud services. We will issue guidelines on how cloud can be monitored and this, along with the standard, is expected to be ready by late 2011.”

The country is also putting US$10 million into upgrading current consolidated government data centres to “provide a cloud infrastructure”.

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