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Malaysian e-learning network to be completed this year

Malaysia’s virtual education network, 1BestariNet, is to connect all 10,000 primary and secondary public schools across the country by the end of this year, announced Deputy Education Minister, P. Kamalanathan.


1BestariNet aims to provide schools with an integrated solution for teaching, learning, collaboration and administrative functions through an intranet virtual classroom and social space for schools. The schools are being provided with access to 4G network which will allow them to connect to a web-based Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

The project is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, implemented in partnership with Malaysian company, YTL Communications.

85 per cent of the schools in Malaysia have been connected through the network so far, and the remaining 15 per cent, mostly in Sarawak state, are in the process of installing the system, informed the Minister.

The VLE is a cloud-based platform providing students and teachers with flexibility and mobility as they can access information saved on the cloud from anywhere and at any time. It allows students to access resources and electronic assignments, and collaborate and share knowledge. The communication features and streamlining of administrative procedures on the platform allow teaching and support staff to be more efficient.

The 4G network has content filters built-in which will ensure a safe learning environment for students.

Launching the 1BestariNet VLE at Dato’ Sri Amar Diraja Secondary School (pictured above), the Minister assured, “So far, there have been no major problems in implementing the programme, and it is expected to be completed on schedule.”

Upon completion the system can be used more than 5 million students, 4 million caregivers and 450,000 teachers across the country.

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