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The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology unveiled new plans to upgrade the country’s mobile communications systems and implement an ICT-based governance system in a bid to boost the country’s economic competitiveness.


During a session in the Union Parliament held recently, Deputy Minister Win Than said the plans have been incorporated in the 2013-2014 fiscal year and that several stakeholder meetings will be organised to identify critical factors to support the projects. “The Ministry will undertake efforts to improve mobile communications in the country so as to enhance its economic competitiveness and to be at par with other countries,” the Deputy Minister said.

In addition, we will also work on implementing an ICT eco system which aims to promote transparency and accountability in government and as well as improve crucial public services.

Examples of IT projects the government will be working on are: e-Government, e-Visa, e-Procurement, e-Licenses, e-Payment and Online Billing System.

Meanwhile, according to Ye Myat Thu, an executive committee member of the Myanmar Computer Federation, it is imperative that the government update its existing and old ICT infrastructure first in order to fully realise its vision.

“In addition to physical infrastructure, the Ministry also needs to introduce new legislation to improve access to modern technologies,” said Ye Myat Thu.

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