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Local Government

How Brussels is trying to share all of its CCTV feeds across government

By 2015, the Brussels-Capital Region will have a unified CCTV platform that connects the networks owned by multiple government departments so that real-time surveillance video feeds can be shared across public sector agencies. The project aims to enable a coordinated approach to national security and citizens protection, Hervé Feuillien, Director General of the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre has told FutureGov.


Britain devolving funds to support regional cities

While London is growing economically, other British cities are not ...

Information Management

Cities must step up and publish their data, says World Wide Web Foundation

Regional and local governments must follow central government efforts to ...

15 July 2014 | News

GIS is more important than ever to solve today’s world challenges - Esri President

Geographic information provides context and a framework to help solve the world’s most serious challenges, Jack Dangermond, President, Esri said this morning at a gathering of over 16,000 government and industry leaders from over 130 countries.

1 July 2014 | Research

Is your software development keeping up with user demands?

How ICT departments can meet the need for continuous development (‘Agile’) - while ensuring the stability of existing public services.

26 June 2014 | News

Singapore, South Korea & Japan best for online service delivery - UN E-Government Rankings 2014

Singapore, South Korea and Japan have topped the UN E-Government Rankings 2014 for online service delivery, with Australia and New Zealand also performing strongly.

19 June 2014 | News

Australia city’s graffiti mobile app success gets international interest

A group of Irish citizens visiting Gold Coast in Australia were impressed by a mobile app that allows citizens to report issues like graffiti, water leaks and illegal dumping. They lobbied it to the South Dublin County Council who are now considering launching a similar app for the Irish council.

18 June 2014 | News

NATO launches map of its global activities and partnerships

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, an intergovernmental military alliance, has launched an interactive map illustrating some of the ways it is working around the world, including partnerships in Japan, Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand.

10 June 2014 | News

Government must measure value of open data in healthcare, share failures, says Britain

Government employees must share failings of using open health data and engage with citizens to define measures of open data success, Britain’s National Health Service and New York University’s GovLab have found.

30 May 2014 | News

New Zealand government tightens privacy laws

New Zealand government tightens privacy laws to protect personal information. Proposed changes to Privacy Act strengthen powers of the Privacy Commissioner. Fore-shadows stronger investigative powers. Require agencies to “fix problems” involving breaches.

28 May 2014 | News

European Parliament releases election data in open format

The European Parliament has released election data in open format and related tools in order to allow community members to freely interact with the raw data, publish it directly on their online platforms and generate insights from it.

27 May 2014 | News

Australian State government leverages cloud to deliver savings

Queensland’s Minister for Information Technology, Ian Walker, announces a revitalised cloud-first strategy. Reinforces support for virtualised services to manage the cost of running ICT infrastructure.

23 May 2014 | News

Report: Social media best practices in government

A new whitepaper, ‘Social media in government: Best practices from successful agencies’, looks at objectives and benefits of successful projects and identifies guidelines that are broadly applicable across the public sector.

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