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Government Cloud

4 top tips for moving to the cloud

Cloud computing originated in the open source community. Leading open source supplier Red Hat gives 4 pieces of advice for officials preparing to migrate.

Government Cloud

The 4 things you need to know about cloud security

Most government agencies are storing their data on the cloud ...

Open Government

How does a country without computers open up its data? Graffiti, crayons, and a lot of common sense

Open data can sometimes seem like a luxury, but a ...

26 May 2014 | Feature

People, Processes and Technology: The Perfect Combination for Successful Cloud Implementations

Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific, Red Hat, explains how IT decision-makers can find the right balance between people, processes and technology to optimise cloud implementations for their business’ needs.

21 May 2014 | Feature

What could a principles-based cloud computing framework for regulators look like?

Mike Mudd, Chief Representative for Asia Pacific, Open Computing Alliance, writes about how government regulators can support cloud adoption while minimising risks, and satisfying their due diligence and auditing processes.

9 April 2014 | Feature

Users review Australian Health Agency's Online Arthritis Map

Charley Glynn and Christopher Wesson, experts from the Ordnance Survey’s Cartographic Design Team, UK’s national mapping authority, and Sandra Jameson, a caregiver to a 75 year old Arthritis patient, share what they think about the Arthritis Map of Victoria.

13 March 2014 | Feature

United Kingdom e-government success: 5 principles

UK’s Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, shares five principles that have characterised UK’s government modernisation journey and which he believes should characterise productive, effective and successful governments, now and in future.

10 March 2014 | Feature

How can banks teach governments about innovation?

Steve Monaghan, former Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer at DBS Bank, notes the importance of information as a driver of innovation. Organisations should think about how they can make things simpler for their customers and how they can introduce new things in a familiar way.

7 February 2014 | Feature

Government geospatial trends in Asia Pacific

Kevin Sweeney,Director at Spatial.IQ Ltd and former geospatial custodian at Land Information New Zealand, responds to FutureGov’s Government Spatial Directions survey.

6 January 2014 | Feature

Limited Land, Unlimited Space: Singapore’s Land Use Vision

Ng Siau Yong, Director of the Geospatial Division at the Singapore Land Authority, shares how Geospatial Information Science and Technology (GIST) is helping them see Singapore’s land scarcity as an opportunity to innovate.

21 November 2013 | Feature

How ICT can enhance healthcare in greying Singapore

Teo Chin Seng, Singapore’s Integrated Health Information Systems Group CIO for National Healthcare Group believes that successes and new technological developments from other industries provide opportunities for today’s healthcare sector.

18 November 2013 | Feature

Digitised public service: how do we include everyone?

Siggi Kristoffersen, Deputy Director of Denmark’s Copenhagen Citizen Service, writes about the key factors crucial for effectively managing change from traditional to digital services, while ensuring that this transformation is inclusive and cost-effective.

14 November 2013 | Feature

Future of digital services: inclusive and mobile

Thomas Jakobsen, CEO of Copenhagen Citizen Service, Denmark, writes about how digitisation is helping them deliver flexible and inclusive services to Copenhageners. And takes a sneak peek at what the future of citizen services might look like.

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