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Connected Government

Malaysian Police working with local authorities to better identify crime hotspots

The Royal Malaysian Police is exchanging data with local authorities for the first time to identify and better police crime-prone areas across the country, Nawawi Bin Junoh, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Inspector General Police’s Secretariat (Research & Development) told FutureGov.

Government GIS

Thailand’s water authority to join up all data across three provinces

The Thai water authority plans to consolidate all location-based data ...

Connected Government

Disruptive Influence: Interview with Grantly Mailes, Chief Technology Advocate, Victoria, Australia

Government must use technology to adopt radical new business models ...

22 July 2014 | Interview

What does the big red button do? See the tech used by Thailand’s electricity authority

The Thai electricity authority will be able to better track its entire operation across Bangkok and two neighbouring provinces by the end of this year thanks to a new location-based management system, its senior official has told FutureGov.

22 July 2014 | Interview

Japan brings data from businesses, government & citizens together into one interactive site

The City of Kitakyushu in Japan has created an information portal that brings together location-based data from across local businesses, citizens and government.

17 July 2014 | Interview

What Australia’s open data drive means for us - Geoscience Australia

FutureGov caught up with Sue Fyfe, Director, Geoinformatics and Data Services, Geoscience Australia, to discuss how Australia’s latest open data direction is enabling, and the agencies it works with.

16 July 2014 | Interview

Bangkok residents to pay electricity bills via mobile by end of 2014

Residents and businesses in Bangkok and two neighbouring provinces will be able to pay their bills via their mobile phones by the end of this year, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority told FutureGov today.

16 July 2014 | Interview

How Hong Kong uses tech to tackle traffic jams

Hong Kong’s roads are among the most heavily used in the world, and when you couple this with the city’s small land area, the network needs a great deal of planning to prevent gridlock.

10 July 2014 | Interview

Biggest challenge for open data is standardised format, says senior Japanese official

The biggest challenge for Japan’s open data effort is creating a standardised format for the whole of government to adhere to, Kenji Hiramoto, Executive Advisor to the Government CIO in the Cabinet Secretariat Government of Japan has told FutureGov.

10 July 2014 | Interview

Governments must do more to help service users – Genesys

Governments need to make it easier for citizens to get help if they fail to get what they need on government websites, Bruce Eidsvik, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Genesys told FutureGov.

8 July 2014 | Interview

Open up policy making to persuade citizens about tough decisions, says senior Japanese official

Allowing citizens to see the process of policy making, rather than just the result, helps win over citizens even when they disagree with the final decision, Kenji Hiramoto, Executive Advisor to the Government CIO in the Cabinet Secretariat Government of Japan has told FutureGov.

7 July 2014 | Interview

Twitter #SOS: How Japan used social media for its Great East Japan Earthquake response

Social media is more than just a way to waste time: the Japanese Government used it to save lives during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. FutureGov has an exclusive interview with Kenji Hiramoto, Executive Advisor to the Government CIO in the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan.

25 June 2014 | Interview

Malaysian government claims US$17m savings from using in-house ICT consultants

The Malaysian government has saved RM55.73 million (US$17.34 million) over the past five years by managing 285 projects using internal ICT consultants instead of employing private sector consultants, the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit has exclusively told FutureGov.

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