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Government Analytics

Why we use open source - Australia’s Immigration agency explains

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection uses a free and open source software for it’s “most high-level analytics”, Klaus Felsche, Director of Risk Tiering and Analytics has told FutureGov.

Central Government

Can Geodesign connect long term planning to short term electoral cycles?

Governments are obsessed with their own mortality, and view the ...

Healthcare IT

Drones delivering medicine? Bhutan pilots scheme to aid rural communities

A tiny rural nation - Bhutan - is pioneering the use of ...

20 August 2014 | Interview

How Hong Kong’s MTR uses artificial intelligence to maintain its trains

The Hong Kong railway is using artificial intelligence to automate the scheduling of its nightly engineering work and make the most of the short 4-hour window when the trains are not operating, FutureGov has learned.

20 August 2014 | Interview

Indonesia seeks to improve sanitation as urban population grows

More than half of Indonesia’s population does not have access to sanitation facilities. The government has committed to provide access to 100% of the population by 2019. FutureGov found out how it is dealing with sanitation problems and - in particular - persuading local government to commit increased funding.

19 August 2014 | Interview

Data sharing tips from Colorado Chief Data Officer Dianna Anderson

Colorado was the first state in the US to create the role of the Chief Data Officer in 2009. FutureGov spoke to Dianna Anderson, the Chief Data Officer of the State of Colorado about their progress in using data and the challenges of sharing data across its 17 state agencies.

15 August 2014 | Interview

New US government digital team picks open source because it is ‘easier to use’

Open source software is easier to use than proprietary software, 18F - the US Government’s digital services team, has told FutureGov.

14 August 2014 | Interview

Why three Indonesian cities formed a joint secretariat

Three Indonesian cities, Sleman, Bantul and Yogyakarta, believe that they are better off tackling their urban problems together. FutureGov caught up with Haryadi Suyuti, Mayor of Yogyakarta, the biggest of these three cities, to find out why.

14 August 2014 | Interview

Singapore Government’s first Chief Data Scientist Prabir Sen on his new role and goals

FutureGov has exclusively interviewed Prabir Sen, Singapore government’s first Chief Data Scientist. He was appointed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in January, and discussed why his role was created, what he wants to achieve and the challenges he faces.

14 August 2014 | Interview

City of Chicago Chief Data Officer Tom Schenk - a bigger role than others

Not all Chief Data Officers are created equal, as FutureGov discovered in a recent interview with Tom Schenk Jr., Chief Data Officer at the City of Chicago. Schenk’s role is broader than most of his counterparts, he explained, setting out his key performance indicators and how his team prioritises data projects to work on.

13 August 2014 | Interview

Chinese province pilots scheme where citizens give feedback on officials’ performance

One Chinese province now allows citizens to give feedback on the performance of officials, but the overall trend shows less innovation in local governments, says Centre for Chinese Government Innovation.

12 August 2014 | Interview

Mass merger: the Australian Customs & Border Service and Department of Immigration are joining up

FutureGov caught up with Klaus Flesche, Director, Analytics & Risk Tiering, Department of Immigration and Border Protection to find out about the opportunities and challenges of the upcoming merger of Immigration and Customs.

12 August 2014 | Interview

City of Naga, Philippines, has dedicated team to respond to Facebook comments

Naga City in the Philippines employs a team of officials to read and respond to Facebook comments. Mayor John Bongat tells FutureGov how that helped during Typhoon Glenda last month.

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