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Singapore school engages students with game-based learning

Canberra Primary School (about 2000 students) in Singapore has revamped its virtual learning environment, applying game-based learning and providing an experiential platform for stude...


Sam Wong, Principal of Canberra Primary School, shares, “The 4 Dimensional Immersive (4Di) programme harnesses technology to make learning fun. Education is still the goal of the system. It is about finding delight in knowledge and about students creating and owning content.”

The school is part of the FutureSchools@Singapore programme, a collaborative effort between Ministry of Education and Infocomm Development Authority to leverage ICT to enable innovative educational programmes and efficient administrative practices. Canberra Primary focuses on ‘Play as Pedagogy’ to create stimulating learning experiences for students.

The revamped 4Di setup at the school features projections of virtual worlds on 14 screens, creating a 360-degree, 42 square metre interactive touch screen. It is multimodal, allowing users to interact with the content through the touch screen and through tablets.

It is also capable of allowing wireless connections on personal learning devices from within the lab and also as remote virtual connections over the internet or local area network. The facility is capable of delivering a unique experience designed to accommodate the students’ particular needs. It can take up to 45 concurrent users at a time.

The 4Di Lab also interprets overall crowd behaviour of the students to enhance the learning experience. Teachers can customise and shape game content on the programme to suit the syllabus.

The Lab uses technology provided by Dell and Playware Studios Asia. Head of Education Practice at Dell South Asia, Rani Burchmore, says, “Technology in education has expanded over the years to the point where many of us now take it for granted. Game-based learning takes this to the next level.”

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