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South Korea to develop e-Government standard framework

The Ministry of Security and Public Administration (MOSPA) revealed last week that it is currently engaged in several collaborative initiatives, with the Nation...


The e-Government Standard Framework is an infrastructure environment for implementing various e-government applications. It aims to increase the quality of e-Government services, the efficiency of IT investment and the standardisation and the reusability of applications through establishing and applying an accepted development framework standard.

According to Suh Bo-ram, director of the e-Government Policy Division of the e-Government Bureau at MOSPA, many countries, developing and developed, are looking at South Korea as a role model for e-government best practices and lessons learned. This has allowed the South Korean government to export their e-government models to countries like Vietnam.

"A lot of developing countries name South Korea as a role model for e-Government construction. But in terms of support for cloud computing, the existing standard framework has been insufficient. With this strategic development plan, we will try harder to export the framework, since it is the key software for e-Government,” he said.

Suh added that MOSPA, and other concerned stakeholders, will be developing the framework starting next year. Through this effort, the government hopes to further support and build up the e-government capability of other developing countries by exporting its expertise and newly developed standards and frameworks.

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