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South Korea to open cyber warfare school

South Korea’s Military will create a cyber warfare school as a response to the growing internet attacks from North Korea.


With South Korea having a high internet penetration, it has become a target for cyber threats.

In collaboration with Korea University, the new cyber-defence school will open in 2012, and will admit 30 students a year for a four-year course.

A spokesperson from the Military said that courses will include subjects that would teach students how to break malicious Internet codes, find out ways to psychologically prepare for cyber warfare, and explore modern technologies to guard against potential attacks.

“We... seek to nurture warriors to fight in cyber warfare amid growing cyber-terror threats from North Korea and to secure a stable supply of specialists,” the army said in an official statement.

The military will pay tuition for the students who upon graduation will become army officers required to work in online warfare-related units for the following seven years, the spokesman said.

The initiative to open a cyber-defence school shows that that South Korea ensures that cyber security is a top priority as it has a significant impact on national security as well.

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