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Students take a green stance with social media

Ngee Ann Secondary School’s students are on a bid to “change the world” with social media, said Principal Adrian Lim, an earnest adopter of ICT in le...


Known as Team DEGA, the group of students are using social media like Facebook and Twitter to launch Urban Jungle—a green project encouraging every household to ‘pot a plant’ in the name of carbon dioxide reduction.

According to Team DEGA, each potted plant produces an average of 150ml of oxygen per hour.

Armed with Facebook fan pages and Twitter, the students are on a mission to green the earth. On its Facebook page stands a simple instruction: “Please join this group only if you have potted or are going to pot a plant at home and do post a picture of it here. Thank you!”

Today, the Urban Jungle group has 202 members.

If what Lim said at Accelerating Asia Pacific 2010 is accurate, that is 220 new potted plants meeting the students’ aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing the amount of carbon dioxide converted to oxygen.

With the Urban Jungle plan, the students have “something achievable and yet incredible” that is economical, does not require government involvement, and can easily be used by youths.

As Philip Towndrow, Research Scientist, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice Singapore, told FutureGov Asia Pacific: “I'm supportive of the view that teachers enter into pedagogical partnerships with students in the use of technology.

“Students need to be given respect for what they know and can do with technology.”

With the respect that Lim gives his students, we just might be able to green our urban jungle.

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