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Taxi Verification App Launched in Ireland

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport of Ireland launched a new smartphone app called Driver Check to allow passengers to verify the license details of taxis and their drivers.


All taxis in Ireland are required to be licensed by the National Transport Authority (NTA), a state organisation. The NTA also offers an online verification system.

Launched by Public and Commuter Transport Minister Alan Kelly, the app displays the license details of both the vehicle and the driver and an ID photo of the authorised driver. Users can access this information by either scanning the QR code on the windscreen of the taxi or entering an identification number - vehicle registration number, licence number, or the driver licence number.

The app will also allow passengers to instantly forward the details of the taxi and the driver to a friend to enhance their security.

“We are using technology to give consumers more confidence in the taxi sector and make the public feel safer when travelling in a taxi”, said Minister Kelly. “For drivers, it will promote greater professionalism and accountability”.

70 per cent of taxis are already registered with the database. The NTA is imposing a fine of €40 (US$52) on drivers who have not registered. Users too can use the app to report drivers whose information is not registered.

The app, developed by the NTA, is available for free for iOS and Android smartphones.

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