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US city tests “intelligent” traffic system

The City Government of Orlando recently started testing a new technology that can monitor and predict traffic patterns on roads and highways using analytics and bluetooth to provide real-time traffic information.


The Intelligent Travel Time System (ITTS) provides travel time information based on route selection, and is visualised on maps; real-time traffic congestion monitoring; traffic predictions during weather events; speed distributions for road lanes; an XML interface; and live traffic updates provided through social media.

According to Orlando Transportation Engineer, Charles Ramdatt, “The type of information that we are able to gather through an ITTS system not only helps with managing both day-to-day and special event traffic in real-time, but will also be extremely valuable to regional planning organisations, municipalities and public safety agencies.”

“In addition, the Bluetooth radio technology in cell phones and cost-effective sensors along the roadside has a green benefit since the equipment can be powered by alternative energy sources.”

Several live demonstrations of intelligent transportation technologies have been put in place such as pedestrian crosswalk detectors (video detection sensors for waiting pedestrians), and connected vehicle sensors which detect changes in traffic conditions and adjust signal timing accordingly.

The city is one of five National Test Beds for connected vehicle technology developed by the Florida Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Transportation to enable vehicles and roadways to communicate with each other, reduce accidents, driving costs and traffic congestion.

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