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US Federal CIO to step down in August

Vivek Kundra, the United States Federal Chief Information Officer, will step down in August this year, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has confirmed. As CIO, Kundra oversaw $80 billion in federal information technology projects.


Jack Lew, OMB Director, announced in a 16 June 2011 statement that Kundra will be leaving the post for a fellowship at Harvard University. Lew said that when Kundra was appointed by President Obama as the first US CIO, he “brought with him the promise of good ideas and a hard-charging style focused on getting this done—necessary qualities to tackle the difficult issues facing federal IT”.

“Two and a half years after joining the Administration, Vivek has delivered on that promise,” wrote Lew. ”He has cracked down on wasteful IT spending, saved US$3 billion in taxpayer dollars; moved the government to the cloud; strengthened the cybersecurity posture of the nation while making it more open, transparent, and participatory.”

Since Kundra launched a 25-point plan for restructuring federal information technology last December, the CIO had created an official federal title of ‘IT Programme Manager', released a federal cloud computing strategy and had agencies host accountability sessions.

“His work has been replicated across the world from 16 countries that have deployed the model to tap into the ingenuity of their people to multiple countries that have deployed the IT dashboard to save money,” wrote Lew.

“"We are planning for a smooth transition, continuing these remarkable gains in changing the way the federal government manages IT and Vivek’s impact on cutting waste and making government work better for the American people will continue to be felt well beyond his departure from federal service.”

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