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US shares e-medical records from ambulance

The Rochester Regional Health Information Organisation (RHIO) in the US and area emergency medical service (EMS) agencies have agreed to share health information securely with emergency department or...

Emergency personnel at the scene will collect an electronic pre-hospital care documents (e-PCD) and share with doctors even if the person refuses to be taken to a hospital. The data can be uploaded to the person’s health record so that doctors still can see what happened at the call.

Approvals from the patients are required before their medical information being shared electronically. Currently, there are only half of the population in the Rochester area—or only about 850,000 people—have approved of the data sharing with authorised medical providers.

To use the e-PCD service, there is no additional cost to providers or EMS agencies. The service is essentially replacing either faxing the information or telling an emergency department or other physician.

Greece and Henrietta volunteer ambulance corps already piloted the service. Rural/Metrol, and Monroe Ambulance are now uploading the data into the health records.

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