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1 March 2012
8.30am – 5.00pm

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Smart – Social – Secure

FutureGov Forum Western Australia is a premiere forum and will bring together WA Government change leaders and the private sector to engage and collaborate on the future of citizen service delivery.

Western Australian top level public servants will meet with their national and international counterparts to find answers to common challenges, such as:

  • Which government departments have most successfully leveraged the Cloud – and why?
  • Is the government data that is most useful also the most important?
  • Are governments using social media effectively to engage citizens?
  • Will greater transaction security boost e-services adoption?
  • How has the whole-of-government approach to ICT evolved in Western Australia?

More than 100 senior public administrators and industry experts will attend FutureGov Forum Western Australia. Make sure you book your place now to be at the heart of the big conversations about the future of government in 2012.

2012 Focus

FutureGov Forum Western Australia focuses on the biggest challenges facing government:

  • Big Data: Nobody manages more data than government – Strategies to improve the collection, storage, distribution and analysis of ever increasing data volumes.
  • Information Security: Successful e-government depends on citizen trust in online services and secure.
  • Information handling: How do successful government departments manage evolving internal and external information security risks?
  • G-cloud: Cloud computing creates tremendous new opportunities in improved performance for government agencies and citizen services. At the same time, it presents new security, privacy and reliability challenges, which raises questions about functional responsibility and legal accountability.

3 Key Facts

  • Western Australian government has developed eGovernment strategy. The eGovernment strategy provides a road map for how Western Australian public sector will progress to a transformational model of government delivery services
  • The Western Australian ICT industry makes an important contribution to the sector nationally. Western Australia has over 34,000 ICT professionals and produces an estimate of $6.7 billion of revenue for the state
  • Western Australia is experiencing unprecedented growth in economy and population. This means government needs to be innovative in the way it deals with the growing demand for government services

Who Will Attend?

Researched and designed for the following job titles from Government agencies:

  • CIO
  • CTOs
  • Commissioners
  • Assistant Commissioners
  • Director Generals
  • Secretaries of IT
  • Chief Executives
  • General Managers of IT
  • Heads of IT
  • Directors of IT

Past Attendees of FutureGov

  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Department of Finance and Deregulation
  • Attorney-General’s Department
  • Department of Immigration & Citizenship
  • Department of the Treasury
  • Economic Development Directorate
  • Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)
  • Department of Services, Techonology & Administration (NSW)
  • Service First
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • State Revenue Office (WA)
  • Australian Curriculum Assessment Authority
  • Australian Government Solicitor
  • Department of Defence
  • Department of Human Services

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Conference Brochure

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